Creating a corporate Christmas party your team will remember

Are you responsible for planning a corporate Christmas party in Birmingham? It isn’t an easy task. Trying to arrange an event that your colleagues and employees will really enjoy can be difficult, but with these top tips, you’ll be able to create a do that your team will remember long after the festive season is […]

Planning a new years party that will have everyone buzzing

Have you been given the responsibility of arranging a New Year party for your team? It can be a major headache to come up with an event that the guests are going to love, and the pressure is really on to create a party that will leave all the attendees buzzing. Planning any event for […]

Why should I use a professional AV hire company?

If you’ve been tasked with the job of arranging a conference for your company, you may need to tread a delicate tightrope. Businesses these days are facing tough financial times, and keeping budgets down is absolutely imperative. However, while you need to keep costs as low as possible, you also need to ensure that you […]

Top 10 reasons you should hire a photo booth

When you’re hosting an event, whether it be a wedding, a graduation or a birthday party, having fantastic photographs to capture the occasion is an absolute must. While hiring a photographer to take some formal shots is always a great option, these days, more people are keen to commemorate the fun elements of the special […]

How to find the best venue for your corporate event

If you have just been asked to arrange an event for your company, how do you go about finding the right venue to suit your needs? You will need to find the right environment to not only accommodate your event but to enhance the attendees’ experience. How do you begin? What Is The Brief When […]

Soundkicks Top 10 UK festivals

Festivals are more popular than ever before, so if you’re ready to kick back and soak in the atmosphere and ambience of some of the top UK festivals, here is a top ten list for you. 1. Glastonbury One of the best known UK festivals of them all, Glastonbury takes place in June at Worthy […]

PA System: Why do I need to hire one for my event?

Are you responsible for arranging a large-scale event? Ensuring that everything is in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly is no mean feat, especially if you have a tight budget to stay within. You may be looking for areas in which you can cut costs, however, one of those areas should never be PA […]

PA Systems: The Soundkicks 5 essentials

If you’ve never bought PA systems before, it can be difficult to know what to choose. There are lots of products available and if you don’t really understand all the specifications and technical terms, it’s especially challenging to make the right decision for you. Luckily, the Soundkicks team is here to give you expert advice. […]