Are you planning an exhibition in Birmingham and need to create a dramatic impression? There’s no better way to achieve your goal than by utilising the power of technology. It’s possible to enhance any space through the use of video, graphics, sound, and lighting. Even the plainest exhibition hall can be transformed into the most atmospheric and visually appealing stage set which would work perfectly for any kind of event thanks to the skill of our talented team’s technical wizardry.

What Equipment Will You Need?

When you’re planning an exhibition in Birmingham you’ll need a wide range of equipment to achieve your desired effects. Laptops, specific lighting and plasmas will all be necessary for your stands. You may even need projection on walls for logos or product branding, or you might want a colour wash that highlights your space to make it stand out from the crowd. We can supply you with all of the necessary equipment to ensure your stand creates the right impression.

Hiring Audio Visual Equipment

You may require hired audio visual equipment for your seminar or conference area. Speakers, screens, microphones and projections may all be necessary to ensure that your speakers can be properly heard and your content can be easily seen by all of the attendees. If you’re hosting a press conference, roaming microphones will also be necessary for guests and journalists to use throughout the proceedings. We can meet all your audio visual needs thanks to our extensive range of high-quality equipment.

Supplying Sophisticated Equipment For Every Need

If you’re arranging a large-scale congress or an awards ceremony, you’ll almost certainly need a full audio visual production setup with lighting included. We can offer you the most sophisticated equipment for this purpose together with our professional technical expertise to ensure that your event runs smoothly from start to finish.