Are you responsible for organising an event, conference, concert or festival? Do you need to arrange lighting hire in Birmingham? Then you need look no further as we can supply all your light equipment rental needs. From the smallest business conference to the largest full-scale festival, we can supply the perfect lighting to create the perfect impression.

Our Imaginative And Experienced Team

We’re proud to have on board an imaginative and experienced team of professional lighting designers who are on hand to advise on all elements of your lighting hire in Birmingham. We can give you all the help you need to devise and implement a plan to ensure that your awards ceremony, festival, conference or concert is lit to perfection.

Combining The Best Of Modern And Traditional Fixtures And Technologies

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of lighting equipment and design, we’re proud to offer you the advantage of both the most up-to-date advanced technologies and the most effective traditional fixtures to ensure the most dazzling experience for your colleagues, patrons, clients, delegates or attendees.

No Challenge Is Too Great

We love to take on a challenge, and no production or venue is too difficult for us to light effectively. We love to take on the task of providing lighting design and hire for the most demanding and unconventional situations, and we look forward to having the opportunity to enhance and illuminate as many features as possible.

Do you need help to determine the right lighting hire options for your event? Then don’t hesitate to contact our experienced and skilled team today. We can offer you helpful suggestions for the right solutions to meet your individual needs and can supply you with all the lighting equipment you could possibly need to ensure that your event shines bright.