IMG_0452Our LED starcloths are a perfect backdrop for stages, behind bands, DJs, Comedians, fashion shows, for blocking off unsightly walls in buildings, dividing rooms into 2 and as a starlight roof in venues and marquees.

They are ideal for wedding receptions, private parties and corporate events.

We can supply both the traditional black wool serge star cloth as well as an ivory coloured or white LED star cloth which is very popular with wedding receptions.

We are also able to provide full colour RGB starcloths which allows us to change the colour of the “stars” in the cloth to any colour of your choice.

This is great for if you have a colour scheme within your function room as we can match that colour.

All of our starcloth drapes are made from high quality fireproof wool surge material and can be programmed by our operators to change the speed, brightness and patterns that the cloth can produce.

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