We understand the importance of creating the right impression at any kind of major event. Whether you’re responsible for arranging a corporate event or conference or you’re running a festival or concert, it’s vital to impress your attendees from the get-go. That’s why we’re proud to offer high-quality video hire in Birmingham.

The Importance Of Video At Your Event

These days, delegates, guests and attendees at all kinds of events expect something extraordinary from their experience. It’s no wonder, then, that video has become such an integral component. We’re here to help you to not only meet but to exceed your guests’ and attendees’ expectations with our large range of AV hire equipment that is suitable for use at all kinds of events and occasions.

Our Impressive AV Hire Range

If you’re looking for video hire in Birmingham you can rest assured that we have all the essential equipment that you could possibly require. Whether you need projectors, plasma screens, video playback or projector screens, we can supply your every need. We even offer both pre and post-event video production facilities for your convenience and can film your event so you can add clips to your website or upload them to social media at a later date.

The Latest HD Video Technology

These days, there is a strong demand for HD video technology at media and conferencing events. We have invested in the most advanced and cutting-edge equipment to meet this demand. When you hire an HD plasma screen, HD projection equipment and HD switchers from us, you can be completely confident that the images produced at your event will be as crisp as possible, ensuring your message, or that of your client, is clearly portrayed. We can build screens into your staging or fly them in from a truss thanks to the most up-to-date video technology.

Other Video Services

Video DJ (VDJ)

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