Have you been given the responsibility of arranging a New Year party for your team? It can be a major headache to come up with an event that the guests are going to love, and the pressure is really on to create a party that will leave all the attendees buzzing. Planning any event for your workers and colleagues can be difficult – after all, it’s hard to find activities, venues and entertainment that every single member of the team will enjoy. However, New Year is a key time for celebration, and you don’t want your corporate event to be a huge flop. That’s why we’re bringing you some expert advice that’s sure to get your event off to the perfect start and that’s going to get your team excited about the celebration.

Sending Out Invitations

This time of year is very busy for most people, so it’s important to send out your invitations well in advance to each member of your team. Your event won’t be a success if nobody attends it! Make sure you include all the essential details including the venue and timing of the event as well as the dress code and theme of the event if there is one.

Choosing The Right Location

This is a key part of the party planning process. The venue you choose has a vital part to play in the success of your party so you need to think about which would be the best place in your local area. You’ll need to consider whether there the venue is easily accessible for guests or whether there are places to stay nearby, and you’ll also need to ensure that you’ve chosen a venue which is large enough to accommodate your whole team.

Talk To The Team

Since you’re planning a party for your whole team you should take their opinions and ideas on board. What activities would they enjoy? What sort of entertainment should you arrange? Is there a theme they would prefer?

Arranging Entertainment

Once you know more about the type of entertainment your team would prefer, you can start making arrangements. Don’t forget that you’ll need to consider other aspects of the organisation too, such as light and sound equipment hire, or set design to make sure that the event looks beautiful and celebratory.

Planning A Menu

You should certainly arrange for some kind of food to be served at your event. However, this could be a sit-down dinner or a buffet to suit your requirements and the preferences of your team. Arrange professional caterers to come in and supply high quality food to give the best impression.

Supplying Drinks

Part of arranging any New Year event involves having a bar available where guests can buy drinks to get the night off to a good start. The whole point of any corporate party is to allow your team to let their hair down, relax and socialise with each other, and a bar with plenty of drink options will make that process a lot easier. When it gets to midnight, you may want to lay on some drinks provided by the company for a celebratory toast as this will help to create a good impression.

Follow these top tips and you’ll find it easier than you imagined to plan the perfect party to welcome in another year with your colleagues and employees. It can be tricky to get corporate events right, but with this expert advice, you’ll have it nailed! Your team will still be talking about your party this time next year!