As a DJ in Birmingham, we are lucky enough to be part of many couples’s special day. In our experience, those who have planned ahead will see their day run more smoothly and that starts with your first meeting with any suppliers.

Having a few questions to hand is always useful, so we’ve pulled together three things you should be asking your wedding DJ:

1.What is their previous experience?

This may seem a strange question and yet we’re never offended when people ask – if anything, flattered. Being based in the Midlands, we know that brides and grooms have their pick when it comes to choosing their suppliers, but we also sadly know that a lot of them don’t have the right professional experience.

Any legitimate wedding supplier in Birmingham, just like us at Sound Kicks, will tell you that they’d be happy to show you their portfolio. We are a Birmingham entertainment company with more than a decade of experience behind us, so when it comes to finding the right DJ in Birmingham, we are confident that we can provide you with that all-important party atmosphere. Plus, we have the reviews and a portfolio ready to show anyone who asks!

2.What can you do about a sound limiter?

It is quite common for some venues, particularly those out in the country, to have sound limiters installed. However, for an experienced company like ours, we’re quite used to working with them and will always do what we can to ensure that we keep disturbance to a minimum, whilst keeping the party alive. In fact, several wedding suppliers in Birmingham have said that they notice very little difference in most instances – so don’t let a sound limiter put you off!

For brides and grooms looking for a Birmingham entertainment service to work with a sound limiter, get in touch as we will always talk you through options.

3.What should I have on my playlist?

Many brides and grooms will come to us with a long list of “must-haves” – and we are always happy to cater different musical styles and genres, making sure there is something for everyone.

Being a DJ in Birmingham for over a decade, We’ve got to know which are the floor fillers and the ones that are best played loud after a few drinks. We also know how to get the party going, from the anxious “I won’t dance” party goer into a smooth mover.

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