The future is uncertain.

But how do we keep two loving hearts apart?

We have heard stories of love in the battlefield and in the prison.

Even during famine and in the face of sure death, love has warmed hearts.

When two loving people unite forever, a wedding takes place.

Our job is to make the event memorable.

Who Are We?

We are and we specialize in:

  • Wedding décor —starlit dance floors, furniture, lighting.
  • Professional Entertainment
  • Event management—Technical support (Audio/visual)
  • Event Equipment hire
  • Corporate events

We help you to plan, arrange, manage, and execute large & small scale events that transcends into a joyful experience for all.

We create beautiful work with personalized attention to details.

Coping with COVID19

Because of this pandemic, events are re-sheduled, and marriages are postponed.

Social distancing and sanitation measures will continue for now, making organizing events more difficult.

That is why we have opened event bookings for 2021 and 2022.

Which means with so many re-sheduled events, people are rushing to book slots for the next year.

Handling Pandemic Blues

There is uncertainty but people are showing solidarity towards coming out of it together.

As event planners, we are seeing people trying to book the earliest dates.

We forecast a very busy season at the beginning of the next year.

This will mean increased team activity and coordination.

Therefore, we regularly update our team and discuss strategies to boost their morale and receive suggestions.

We communicate with our clients and partners letting them know that we are in this together and will come out of it together.

Video conferencing is a wonderful way to shorten the gap, gives the social feel.

Ready to Party

On our side, we are not only planning, but we are also readying our equipment.

We are using the lockdown for checking and maintaining appliances, applying fresh coat of paint, updating software, and continuing online activities.

Lot of hard work is done behind the scenes, and we always strive to serve above and beyond your expectations.

We have an excellent reputation in this service-based industry because, we:

  • Focus on individuals
  • Work closely with customers
  • Present a range of budget
  • Personalize the event
  • Are approachable and friendly
  • Understand and balance with the trend

We Are In It Together

As event planners and suppliers, we are keeping in touch with our partners, clients, and staff, giving them support and updating them however we can during covid19.

With increased bookings, we need to expand our staff and work together, which is why we have started taking bookings for 2021 and 2022.

Mutual support will help us sustain and weather the storm together.

A Guide to Your Event Planning

Wonderful times will come and until then stay safe!

Your event can take place at a later date.

Meanwhile, during the lockdown, you can use the time to plan the special moment.

Your wedding will be a success, and we promise you that.

We will make the event memorable with plenty of OOMPH!!!


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