If you have got an upcoming wedding in the next 12 months, or even two years, you will be slowly accumulating a lengthy list of things to book, arrange or research. After all, your special day doesn’t just happen with the click of your fingers.

It’s an incredible lot of hard work, blood, sweat and even some tears putting together the many pieces of your wedding day. You will have stresses, panics and rearranging to ensure the jigsaw is fully complete when you do tie the knot.

The brides’ dress, shoes and other accompaniments. The suits for the dashing groom and his ushers, dresses for the bridesmaid, flowers. Dont forget the church or venue for the ceremony, cars and transport. Keep in mind the guest list, the wedding breakfast menu, table plan, table decorations and name cards. Most importantly the speeches! That is just some of the daytime elements.

Evening planning

The Venue for the evening, the first dance song, a DJ or band to provide the music throughout the evening including any other entertainment you are thinking of having. More food for an evening reception buffet and even the honeymoon.

All-in-all, it is a seemingly-daunting list of items to tick off and mark as “sorted” on your list.

For the evening party – because that’s ultimately what it is, a celebration to mark your big day tying the knot – the entertainment will traditionally feature a DJ and perhaps a band or musical artist to get your guests out of their seats and onto the dancefloor.

The music is an important aspect of the whole day. You may not want your wedding to talked about in years to come from a vanity point of view, but simply because those that attended had a memorable time.

There are other forms of entertainment you can add to the mix too. A string quartet or harpist to play music as guests mingle after the ceremony, a magician to move round the tables at the wedding breakfast or throughout the evening, or a photobooth, which is becoming a very popular addition to the whole day.

The search

But how do you even start in your search to book wedding entertainment?

Word of mouth from friends who have gone through the process, reviews online of local companies others have used or a search online to compare what each offers and the pricing structures.

Using a Birmingham wedding entertainment hire company like Sound Kicks allows you to tick off many of the most stressful things in one booking. That’s because we are not just providers of DJs.

Using Sound Kicks for the entertainment at your wedding means you can book a DJ for the evening reception, a dancefloor (starlight, parquet and check board versions are among the options), audio equipment to really enhance you venue and photobooth hire too to capture an alternative angle of your big day.

The beauty of Sound Kicks is that we can wrap all of your requirements up into one package and help save you both time, and money, to spend on other things for your wedding.

Take the stress out of the build up to your special day by putting your trust in Sound Kicks, the best Birmingham wedding entertainment and decor provider.

Contact: weddings@soundkicks.com or call: 0333 210 0198 for further IDEAS and deatils.