Unexpected changes can be a challenge for all involved. Especially when they affect the most important day of our lives – our wedding day.

Even though it may seem that the grey clouds of the CoVid-19 pandemic might last forever, we are here to tell you that in such trying times, there is hope for positivity and a better future.

So, if your wedding plans have been disturbed by the pandemic, here is what you need to know for the future!

Lockdown Blues

With almost all sectors of business and industry being affected by the pandemic, the wedding events industry is maybe among the ones hit the hardest by restrictions and social distancing rules.

With country wide stay-at-home orders and a ban on large congregations, the vision of holding a dream wedding surrounded by your loved ones has become virtually impossible.

Prior commitments have been postponed, and those making plans have had to put off their big day for some time in the future.

However with our way of positive thinking, we are of the opinion that we can use this time at home with our friends and families to carve even deeper bonds of love, comradeship and understanding. The same goes for businesses, they can use this time to re-energize, re-strategize and plan the way forward.

We Understand, We Care

All the people involved in a wedding event are truly there to make your special day go smoothly and perfectly.

With the utmost care and planning, we always try to go one step further to bring our clients happiness, and to make sure that our clients do not have to worry about a single thing going wrong.

From Starlit Dancefloors, to Wedding Light décor and DJ entertainment to event production, we bring the very best to out clients.

In the wake of the CoVid-19 pandemic, we are turning our attention to making sure that our employees, partners and specially our clients remain safe, positive and enduring.

We are using this time to smooth out the corners and iron the creases for all our planned events and we are continuously in touch with our clients, helping them make the best possible decision considering current circumstances.

Whether you choose to postpone your wedding ceremony, or rather choose to hold a small event with a limited guest list, we are here to support and help our clients in any way possible.

Positivity and the Way Forward

The United Kingdom and its people have always stood bravely in the face of great adversity and challenges. We are sure, that with the right attitude of positivity and with regard for our fellow countrymen in our hearts, we can tackle this great challenge in the best of ways.

Better days shall return, and when they do, we shall be here to make your dream wedding as beautiful and magical as we can.

For now, we wish all our friends, family and clients good health and we assure you that we shall leave no effort short in helping and supporting our clients, our employees and fellow business owners in Birmingham, Solihull, West Midlands and across the country, as long as this pandemic may last.

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